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Vivienne Bellos
The Reflections project head researcher, Vivienne Bellos LRAM ARCM, was educated at the Royal Academy of Music and has been Director of Music, conductor and soloist at the North Western Reform Synagogue since 1980. She was music consultant to the Reform Synagogues of Great Britain from 1986 - 1999 and is currently a consultant to the Jewish Music Institute. She has a wealth of knowledge of Jewish music and of the progressive Jewish community in Britain. She is also the Founder and Musical Director of the Jewish Youth Choir and was conductor of the Zemel Choir from 1999 - 2003.

Vivienne Bellos was awarded the Lady Hilary Groves Prize 2007 for an outstanding contribution to music in the community.

Vicky Joseph
The manager of the Reflections project, Vicky Joseph, is an experienced project manager and well acquainted with the Jewish community, having run the Reform Synagogue movement’s social action department for fifteen years, co-founded both ‘The Noah Project’ Jewish environmental group and ‘Jonah’, a UK Jewish anti-nuclear group, and managed the Connections project, a travelling exhibition about Asian, Black and Jewish immigrants in Britain. Vicky took charge of the day-to-day management and administration of the Reflections project.

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