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Kiddush is the blessing recited over wine to sanctify Shabbat or a Jewish festival. The Torah refers to two requirements concerning Shabbat - to ‘keep it’ (shamor) and to ‘remember it’ (zakhor). One must ‘keep it’ by refraining from thirty-nine forbidden activities, and one must ‘remember it’ by reciting the Kiddush, and by making special arrangements for the day.

Reciting Kiddush before the meal on the eve of Shabbat and Jewish holidays is regarded as a commandment from the Torah whereas reciting Kiddush before the Saturday lunch is a requirement of rabbinic origin. Kiddush is not usually recited at the third meal on Shabbat.

The text of the Friday night Kiddush at the meal begins with a passage from Genesis 2:1-3, as a testimony to God's creation of the world and cessation of work on the seventh day.

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Kiddush - by Vivienne Bellos
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Kiddush - by Andrew Gellert's nephew David Somen
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