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Henry Isaacs - Chad Gadya

Henry Isaacs“I was born in Glasgow on 17th July 1924 at number 4a Abbotsford Place. There was my brother Abie and another brother Louis, and my step brothers. My half-brother was Harold. Then there were Jo, Walter, Ray and Rosie.

There is music in our family - you may have heard of Adrian Isaacs. He was a conductor with the choral society. My grandson is also very musical and I sung in a choir for years.

I went to Abbotsford Place School, to Talmud Torah in Turrif Street in the Gorbals, and attended the Great Synagogue in South Portland Street.

My parents came from Russia - my mother came from Odessa; her first husband was Russian but he joined the British army and was killed in the First World War. Then she married my father. I can’t remember exactly where he came from but it was somewhere in Lithuania. My brother will know - he’s older than me but he remembers more than I do! He left Lithuania because of the pogroms and travelled by sea from Vilna. He was a commercial traveller - he sold mirrors and cutlery etc.

Some of the family went to America and I still keep in touch with them.”

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