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Zemer l’Shabbat Chanukah

This is a song for the Sabbath of Chanukah. The song is divided in two sections - the first is a reference to the use of oil in the temple and the great value of the rededication of the Temple (so sacrifices and oil could be used again), while the second talks of the triumph of Chanukah and how God saved the Jewish people, and their fervent hopes for the coming of the Messiah.

The song contains many allusions including the turtle doves and doves which refer to a sacrifice of thanksgiving offered by a woman who had given birth; the roasted meat which refers to the use of the altar and the sacrifices that the priests were entitled to; and drawing the water which refers to the simchat bet hashevah – the water drawing ceremony that occurred in the temple on Sukkot, the festival of Tabernacles.

The phrase Bet Cor in the chorus means a measure of grain volume, e.g. a kilo.

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Zemer l’Shabbat Chanukah - by Marc Duke
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